Patient Info

1.) Please call or email the office to check on whether Dr. Shannon is accepting new patients and to ensure that Dr. Shannon’s services will meet your needs.

Once we have the appropriate paperwork, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

NOTE: As of 4/3/19, Dr. Shannon is not accepting any new patients.

2) Your first appointment will last 90 minutes. The intake process will include the initial 90 minute session, and a second 60 minute session to complete the assessment and provide a feedback session.


We collect payment or insurance portion at the time of service. I am only contracted with Regence insurance at this time. You will be given the necessary information to bill your insurance company (if not Regence) directly.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards (Visa and MC), cash, or check


Initial Intake (99205)

90 min



Medication management and psychotherapy (99215)

40-50 min



Medication management and psychotherapy (99214)

25-30 min


Telehealth Session 30 min (99214 with GT modifier)

 30 min


Please download and complete the following forms 1) Practice Policy 2) Intake (Child or adult) 3) HIPAA 4) ROI (For any collateral contacts)